"Husgahan ka man nila mula ulo hanggang paa, mamahalin pa rin kita mula puso hanggang kaluluwa."
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"Kung paano siya magsalita tungkol sa ex niya, ganun rin sasabihin niya pag wala na kayo."
"It is heartbreaking seeing you love someone else."


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5 Things that are Currently Making Me Happy

1. My parents approval for having my OJT in Manila

It’s always have been my plan to have my OJT and work in Manila. Not primarily because of money but because of the opportunities waiting for me there. It is just quite hard because I will be far from may family but I think of it as a great opportunity to grow and be independent. 

2. Studies

Although it also the source of my stress, I’m still happy about it because I now do good in school. I’m motivated to wake up in the morning get dressed up and go to school unlike last semester. I pass my quizzes and I even got the highest score on our quiz on our major subject.

3. Friends

Friends have always been my joy. But I get to realize that I’m starting to gain more friends now. I’m now having more closer relationships with my classmates that I didn’t get to talk to before. Very unusual of me.

4. I moved on.

I didn’t think that I can but I did. I thought that I will be sad forever but I was wrong.

5. Someone came along

I rejected this person before ‘cause I was madly in love with someone but he came to rescue me when I was so down. He lifted. He helped to get back to the person I lost when I was broken. He is now my joy, my treasure.

"The only hateful thing about choosing is losing the other."
"Love shouldn’t be about who texts first but who cares most."
"I wonder if you also reread our old conversation and smile like crazy because I do that all the time."
"When he doesn’t want to lose you as much as you do."