A Choice Away

Today I chose to be happy. I laughed at corny jokes and smiled for nothing. Maybe because I finally got tired of being sad. Maybe I finally realized it’s time for me to be happy. Maybe because I deserve to be happy. 

I have enough reasons to be sad right now. I saw the one I like with other girl. I failed one of my subjects. That’s enough for me to be sad but despite of it, I feel completely okay. It seems like, I’m already immune on it. It seems like, there’s no more room for sadness or any negativity. From all what I’ve been through, I finally learned how to look on the bright side. I finally learned how to seek happiness and take a grip hold on it.

I can be sad if I only just choose it. Just a choice away. But then again, the positive pole of the magnet pulled me. Yes, you can be sad, just for a moment, get over it and move on. I went home and researched for our next topic for our class tomorrow. I told myself, “No, Jhona, you can.” It’s only a matter of choice. I can choose to lock myself in the room, cry, watch movies or sleep but I chose to study. That’s what I need. I lost my focus in my studies this semester. It’s time to redeem myself. Worrying finishes nothing. You gotta do some actions.




Motivational quotes

I don’t hate you. I’m just not excited about your existence.


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Whole Again ♥

After a long long time, I can finally say, “I’m okay,” without lying to myself. :) Things are all now settled and I couldn’t be happier.

Thank You, Lord, for guiding me all the way throughout of what I’ve been through. Thank you to my family who supported me and encouraged me when I was so down. To my friends who stayed beside me all the time, thank you. I am so blessed. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Again, I was proved that, “Everything will be okay. Just be patient and stay strong.”

Treat yourself after working really hard. You deserve a reward.
  • I woke up but decided to stay in bed a little longer.
  • *Sister opens door, looks straight right at me*
  • Ate: Oh.
  • *closes door, knocks*
  • Me: (dumbfounded)
  • Ate: Do you wanna build a snowmaaaan?
  • Me: -________-


Sometimes we feel like days are zero. But there are times we forget the beauty in a day, we forget that there’s music to calm us down, there are friends who give us real warmth, a family that secure us with love, and a tomorrow that gives us hope to keep going.

Let’s look around, feel what’s there, and find your own peace within.

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